Which chainsaw would you choose?

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It’s worth mentioning that yard maintenance and all other surroundings of your house are key. They also are a great reflection of you and your attributes.  This hence necessitates the need for a chainsaw in your collection of necessary equipment. Well, you can easily go to a hardware store near you and pick a chainsaw, but there are factors you would want to consider before making a purchase. First of; there are a variety of chainsaws, varying in size, power, mobility, environmental friendliness and most importantly the price. In choosing a chainsaw there, it’s important to have the function for which you are purchasing it in mind.

Chainsaw power

There are various modes of powering a chainsaw, and it enables you to perform the task efficiently. A chainsaw could be; gas powered, electric powered, or battery powered. Let’s explore this options and see that which is suitable for you.

Gas powered chainsaws

These are quite common and have stood the test of time. The chainsaws are often powered by a combination of oil and gasoline. They are readily available and at affordable prices for the consumers. Additionally, they are quite powerful, hence most suited for the performance of tough jobs, say cutting down trees, storm cleanup and cutting firewood. They are also mobile, enabling you to navigate even a dense forest at ease. However, they may prove a little heavy, and hard to operate if you are not well conversant with the chainsaw. Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a good example of the best gas powered chainsaws you can get.

Electric powered chainsaws

Talk of being environmentally friendly, this type of chainsaw sure appreciates Mother Nature. The chainsaws are easy to operate and are much lighter than the gas powered chainsaws. However, they may not be as powerful to handle tough tasks. They are therefore suitable for cutting smaller branches and for easier jobs like pruning and trimming the yard. The chainsaws are appropriate for use in the yard since they require a power source not forgetting that they have a power code that follows you wherever you go. Among the outstanding types of electric powered chainsaws is the GreenWorks 20222.

Battery powered chainsaw

This is an alternative for either the electric powered chainsaws or the gas powered chainsaws. The chainsaws are a little lighter making them easy to handle and are also more mobile compared to the electric powered chainsaws. They are easy to maintain and are relatively cheap. Another added advantage of the battery powered chainsaws is the silent cutting ability, which sure will attract anyone for purchase. However, they may not be quite suitable for tough tasks that may take long since the battery power dies out after a few minutes. GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX, EGO Power+ are outstanding examples of the battery powered chainsaws.

The power capability may be a key consideration before making a purchase, but also remember to check the ease of use; innovation has led to the development of pole saws and jaw saws that are easy to use at any time. The length of the blade may also be a point to consider; the longer, the better.If you feel you need one, hop over to http://www.chaincutting.com/ and buy one there.