What You Can Make In a Blender

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Blenders are fantastic for creating delicious drinks for summer. You can create a number of different drinks in your blender and enjoy restaurant quality drinks at your home. Your guests will absolutely love getting spoiled with a creamy smoothie or iced coffee and you can stay healthier knowing exactly what is in the drinks. Creating your own drinks is a great way to limit your sugar and toxin intake so you can lose weight and eat healthier. If you want to establish the best blender for your home you can view a great online comparison and read up about all the specifications of these blenders.

Dairy free drinks

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight will cut back on dairy products. With your blender you can create fantastic dairy free smoothies such as cherry vanilla smoothies or banana avocado smoothies.

Crushed ice drinks

You can also create delicious crushed ice drinks such as watermelon, sunny Hawaiian smoothies, or strawberry and mint crushed ice drinks.

Ice cream

Cut back on unhealthy sugars by making your own ice creams. You can create vanilla, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, banana and many other flavors of ice cream in your blender. Banana ice creams are becoming increasingly popular because you can blend in some flavor ants and spices for a silky smooth and healthier ice cream.


You can make delicious smoothies for detoxing, summer enjoyment or to replace meals in our household. Smoothies are a great source of energy and the recipes for smoothies are endless.


Sorbet is a great alternative to ice cream. You can make just about any flavor of sorbet such as spicy mango, strawberry banana or pineapple banana. These chilly snacks are perfect for summer parties and entertaining kids with healthier snacks.


For an instant dinner you can make some soup in your blender. Make delicious velvety spinach soups, Yellow tomato soup, Chilled cucumber and avocado or butternut bisque with the use of your blender. These quick soups are perfect for those days where you are simply too lazy to hit the kitchen.

Fruit drinks

By mixing fruit into a pulp and adding ice and fizzy drinks, you can create unique fruity drinks that your family and friends will love. Some fruit lovers like to blend fruits to create fruity soup drinks by adding only clean water to these drinks. It is fantastically healthy and a great alternative to concentrated or fizzy drinks.