Useful Maintenance Tips for a Mercedes

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An Essex resident who owns a Mercedes should think of it as an investment. It is a vehicle that will enhance his or her prestige, hint of a good taste in automobiles, and announce to everyone of his or her success in business. Mercedes is recognized as being among the best make of vehicles to be found on the road. Considering how expensive it is, the owner should think of ways to increase its lifespan. Below are some maintenance tips for a Mercedes Essex.

A simple tip for maintaining the car’s body is to always keep it in the shade. Sun rays can make the paint fade or wear out. Should it not be possible to park the Mercedes under a tree or inside a garage, it should be covered with a car in order to keep the paint job shiny and fresh. The paint job is also vulnerable to wear and tear resulting from grime or slush. This underlines the importance of washing the vehicle both in the summer and winter. Doing this will also allow the owner to find out if any rust is accumulating on the car’s body. Waxing can also help protect the paint job from corrosives like bird droppings.

Inspection of the Mercedes’ brakes should be done on a regular basis. Any defects requiring maintenance such as excessive grooves in brake drums or worn out pads should be replaced immediately. The car’s electrical system should be regularly checked by a professional who is familiar with the make’s electronic systems. The transmission found below the hood is another critical component. It should be serviced whenever the mileage is anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. In addition, it should undergo maintenance after every five years of operation.

The vehicle’s transmission fluid should undergo inspection whenever service work is done on it. Latest Mercedes models run on synthetic oil that requires regular changing. The engine’s coolant level is vital as it prevents overheating. Should there be a noticeable dip in the coolant’s level, the owner should hire a professional mechanic to take a look at it and find out what is the problem. A Mercedes’ fluid level should be checked and replaced after about every 20,000 miles. On the other hand, replacement of air filters should be done after every 40,000 miles.

Some ordinary maintenance work for Mercedes is usually done during regular inspection or a tune-up. One thing that an Essex Mercedes owner should do on a regular basis is use gasoline having the correct octane rating. Considering that Mercedes is a European model, its octane rating will be different from that of American vehicles. This underlines the importance of consulting the user’s manual to find out the ideal octane rating for Mercedes, and then utilize the gasoline that fits it. This will lead to fewer problems with the vehicle’s engine.

An easy Mercedes Essex maintenance routine involves ensuring that the tires have the right air pressure in them. Incorrect air pressure can affect the vehicles alignment while also affecting the brake system too. Checking the air pressure does not require a lot of effort, as all that is required is a cheap air gauge.

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