Traditional Waffle Maker VS Belgian Waffle Makers

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Are you having a hard time making up your mind whether you are going for the traditional or the Belgian? Usually, this problem can be easily solved by determining your needs and preferences. Just like in everything else in your life, choosing the most suitable waffle maker should be based on factors that should be considered.

For instance, you need to determine if you want to make thin or thick waffles. If you like your waffles thin and crispy, then your best option is the traditional waffle maker. But if you love fluffy and thick waffles, then Belgian you go. Also, if you want a waffle maker that can be taken outdoors, the traditional one is the best bet as it does not require electricity to work. Traditional waffle makers can be used oven-top or even on top of a campfire.

Consider More Factors and Options

Aside from the quality of the yielded waffles, you should also consider other factors like the ease of cleaning, the number of waffles that can be produced, design and the additional features included.

Cleaning a traditional waffle maker means you can use water as there are no electrical features that you would be worried about. The benefit of Belgian waffle maker is that the non-stick plates allow for easy cleanup; just wipe with paper towel or damp sponge and it’s ready for storage or for the next use.

If you want to make several waffles at a time, you should not even think about a traditional waffle maker. This is where the Belgian type wins. There are commercial Belgian waffle makers that can produce up to four to six waffle simultaneously, and some of the bigger ones can even produce up to 80 waffles in an hour.

The design of the waffle maker makes a good factor too as it will determine how you will operate the machine. For instance, Belgian waffle makers that produce round waffles have rotary design while those that produce square or rectangular shaped waffles have flip-open design.

Additional features that should be taken into consideration include, light indicator, thermostat, insulation and drip trays. Not all waffle makers have these features. Some have a few and some have all, and the traditional waffle makers have none.

One important thing to consider when choosing your waffle maker is to think about how the machine can make your life better and your meals more enjoyable. You should be able to enjoy the advantages rather get headaches because of the drawbacks. For more information on the available waffle makers in the market today, you may want to check out deliciouswafflemakers.