Overcoming Belly Fat Using the Treadmill

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One of the most stubborn kind of fat is belly fat. It doesn’t need you to understand rocket science to realize that most of the people that hit the gym are after losing belly fat. However, with the right equipment, exercise regimen and advice, you can end up getting that slim waistline you always wanted. One of the best equipment to use is the treadmill. This is not the only thing you need to get that body, let us look at the other tips to follow.

Get a Treadmill with a Variety of Options

Most of the users end up buying a treadmill with the strongest horsepower and as many programs built in it as possible. While these are vital in helping you get the flat belly, they aren’t as useful when you don’t choose wisely. It is vital to have the features that help you lose the fat and monitor your progress.

Some of the features you need to look out for include a console that displays the calories burned, heart rate monitor and the distance you have run. The treadmill should also have shock absorbing capabilities to prevent injuries to your joints. Some treadmills are better than others. Here is some available information about one such treadmill.

Don’t Rush

Overtraining isn’t the solution to your belly fat. You might think you are doing justice to your physique but you will end up irritable and sore. It will end up killing any motivation you have for the day.

Instead, start of at a brisk pace for a week or two before you increase gradually. Even if you have experience running the natural trail, you need to know that running on a treadmill is totally different.

Maintain the Perfect Heartrate

You might not start burning fat if you don’t control your heart rate. If the heartrate is barely normal, it will start burning up glycogen instead of stored fats. Fats start getting burnt when your heart rate is at 60-80 percent of your maximum heartrate.

Always Warmup Before Any Exercise

You should first warm up your body before you start the exercise regimen. Warming up loosens any knots that might have developed during the day and prepares you for the exercise ahead. Make sure you warm up the whole body and not just the part you are going to exercise. Warming up also reduces the incidence of injury during the real workout.

Don’t Go Beyond the 45 Minute Mark

Your body starts converting muscle tissue into energy in a process called catabolism. Well, you will end up losing fat, but at a slower rate because the body tends prefer muscle to fat. 40 minutes is enough to give you a great workout without eating up your lean muscle.

Rev it Up

It doesn’t take ages to burn the stubborn, nagging belly fat; all you need is the right equipment, the right exercise and perfect advice. Well, make sure your heart is working perfectly, always warm up before any session and stay within the 45 minutes mark. These will help you lose that fat, and regain the slim waistline that has evaded you for so long.