Looking for Wood Shredders? Consider These Factors

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Wood chippers, wood shredders, and miter saws are essential power tools. You can use them in commercial applications or at home level. The type of machine you buy depends on the work you intend to do. With many power tools in the market, you should know what you want before you make the final decision to buy a particular machine.

Read reviews

One of the best sources of information about power tools is the online reviews. For miter saws and other power tools, you can read more at http://www.straightkerfs.com/category/12-inch/. A good knowledge about the machine you want is important in helping you make a better choice. For instance, wood shredders reduce the bulk for easy disposal while miter saws are for making bevel cuts. Gardeners and landscapers looking for means to reduce the amount of yard waste can simply go for shredders.

Use of shredded material

After successful shredding, the material can serve in different ways. Many people spread it on the walkways while others use it to line the flower beds. Some people also use the shredded material as compost manure.

Choosing the right shredder

From reliable suppliers, you can find a shredder in the design and size of your choice. Light duty timber shredders as well as advanced models exist. As a consumer, you need the right machine for the type of job you intend to do. The following tips can help you choose the right shredding machine.

 Home versus commercial

If you need a shredder for business, you should choose a heavy-duty machine with advanced features to withstand large amounts of work. For home-level applications, you can select a light-duty machine, which is more cost-effective and economical.

Project size

The amount of work you intend to accomplish with your shredder can determine the type of shredder to buy. For a large area with many branches and logs to shred, you should get a powerful shredder. A light-duty shredder would be useful where you just need to clear normal yard waste in a single yard.

Shredders versus chippers

A shredder may look the same as a chipper but they perform different tasks. For example, chippers can handle large stumps and branches while shredders can work on light branches. Chippers have bigger engine capacities as well.

In order to find the right power tool, it is advisable to visit websites of various suppliers in your area. Most suppliers have blogs where they run regular information about their products. These can provide important information whether you want to clear yard waste or to recycle wood or plastic materials. Light-duty shredders, for example, are suitable for the following applications:

  • They can shred large wooden panels and board cut-offs
  • They can shred wooden pallets
  • They can shred carpentry waste

In addition, the shedding machines are applicable in large production factories where particle boards, plywood, and other wood products are made. Finally, yet on a very important note, online reviews are a reflection of the opinions of real users, so read them to find out more about the products.