Interesting Facts about Self-Storage That Is Sure To Stun You

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With the increase in population, the world appears to be shrinking and in turn, the stuff people use has been increasing steadily too. It is understood that utilities require space. In order to meet the demand for space, various storage units are available now. People have little idea about the evolution of these units. Here are some interesting facts about self-storage units.

When did self-storage unit come into existence?

This concept was introduced 6000 years ago in Xi’an, China. People used to store their stuff and in turtle shells, collectible spearheads and flip-flops made of bamboo reeds. They used to store jewellery in clay pots. These pots were kept in underground pits. There were guards to see that no one takes someone else’s pot. It is believed that Xiang Lau market is where the first storage facility began. He stored bones of his rivals in a mud pot and it seems it was overflowing. His wife kept accidently stumbling over them. This was the birth of off-site storage.

Evolution of modern storage facilities:

In modern self-storage, a tenant rents a space to a person and only he/she has access to that place. This concept was introduced in 1958 at Fort Lauderdale that is located in Florida. This concept further developed in Texas as “A-1 U-Store-It U-Lock-It U-Carry-It’. This business was a success in spite of wordy and forgettable name. It was built for fishermen to store their oil field equipment and boats for quick access. Residential customers were intrigued by this interesting idea and began storing their belongings too. The public storage facility was opened first by 1972 in California.

Do you know which country stores more stuff?

Americans are the epic hoarders. Almost 9% of the households there rent self-storage units. They use 2.3 billion square feet for storage, which is thrice the area of Manhattan. Each person in the United States has an average area of 7.3 square feet for self-storage.

Who requires self-storage?

Among the self-storage renters, 27% reside in apartments and 68% reside in independent homes.  Even though 65% of these renters own a garage and 47% possess an attic they are still in need of extra space for storage. About 13% rent these units for less than 3 months, 18% for 3 to 6 months and 18% for a year. This shows that mostly people rent while moving or renovating. Almost 30% use it for more than 2 years.

Various self-storage units are available at Smart Lock Storage. The self-storage field is gradually increasing and it is considered as recession-resistant. There is in fact an exponential growth in this industry. People are becoming more aware about how to make use of these units effectively.