Important Considerations to Make before Buying Sun Glasses

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Sunglasses, also commonly referred to as shades make it easy for you to see on a sunny day and also protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays that may cause eye damage. Some people, especially children and those with light-colored eyes are more susceptible to eye damage as a result of ultraviolet rays, thus underlining the importance of wearing sunglasses. However, you can only be confident that your eyes are well protected by wearing the right sunglasses.  With the market flooded with numerous brands and models that come in various styles and designs, it can be difficult to determine which sunglasses are the best or the right fit for your needs.

Reputable brands

When it comes to buying sunglasses, you are better off buying a branded pair from a reputable brand. Such brands have been on the market for quite a while and have created a good reputation for offering quality sunglasses that are not only stylish but also protective to your eyes. No wonder most reputable brands charge a premium for their products. You can research online on sites such as Sunglass Picks to establish the best brands in the market.

UV Protection

If the sunglasses don’t protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, then they do not make any much difference as your eyes are still exposed to the harmful rays that can cause different eye conditions including cancer. Therefore, avoid buying cheap unbranded sunglasses as they are just darkened lenses that don’t offer any UV protection. For that reason, look for sunglasses with a tag or label indicating they block 100 percent of ultraviolet rays.

The bigger the size, the better

Bigger sunglasses cover a larger area of your eyes. The larger the size, the lesser the damage inflicted by the sun on your eyes. Therefore, be sure to look out for bigger options or wraparound-style glasses as they ensure there are minimal or no ultraviolet rays entering your eyes from the side.


Sunglasses come with different price ranges depending on the brand or design. However, when it comes to buying sunglasses, the cost should not be a determining factor. The most important factor is the 100 percent UV protection. Cheaper options marked as a 100 percent UV blocking can be just as protective as the pricier models.


If you are a sportsman or lead an active lifestyle, be sure to get unique sunglasses for such a way of life. People who lead active lifestyles are advised to get sports sunglasses constructed from shatter resistant and special impact materials, and they also offer a tight fit to avoid falling off.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunlight reflects on various surfaces which may result in a glare that causes discomfort or visually impairs your eyes temporarily. If you wear the sunglasses on the road or near a water body, you can minimize the effect of the glare by wearing polarized glasses. However, remember that it can be a bit difficult to see LED and LCD screens with polarized glasses.


It is quite apparent that sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory as most people perceive, but an important defensive mechanism for anyone who spends time outdoors. Therefore, do not consider your sunglasses as a stylish accessory, but as an outstanding defense against the sun’s glare and ultraviolet rays.