Importance of smoke alarms at home

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Fire outbreaks have been on the rise in the recent past. Most of these are either caused by electric faults or simply a result of negligence. When this happens, it can lead to devastating results. It is, therefore, important to take precautions that will reduce the chances of fire outbreaks. One of the modern ways to prevent fire outbreaks is to install a smoke detector. This is not doubt one of the most essential fire safety undertakings at home. However, it is surprising to realize that in the U.S for instance, the National Fire Protection Association reports that there are at least five million homes that are yet to install smoke alarms in their homes.

Immediate smoke detection

A working smoke detector cuts the chances of dying by half in the case of a fire outbreak. This is because through its technology, you get an alarm immediately the appliance detects some smoke. Unfortunately, most home owners have taken this for granted until a disaster happens. Just like insurance, it is important to take precaution even when not in any way projecting to be faced by any fire tragedy. A smoke alarm will notify you of any suspicious smoke at home.  This could be from improperly extinguished cigarettes, burnt cooking or electric fires. Your alarm will, therefore, warn you at the first sign of trouble, thus helping you take precautionary measures before the fire goes out of control.

How to benefit more from smoke detectors

It is recommended that you install the smoke alarm in areas that are most likely susceptible to fire outbreaks. This includes bedrooms, kitchen and outside every sleeping area. As much as it is not specifically linked, it is also important to ensure that you teach your children the importance of fire safety. It would not make much sense to install the smoke detectors when your children do not understand how or when to respond to it. Teach your kids how to make safer exits in the event of a fire outbreak and remind them not to grab any valuables like toys on their way.

Regular testing

It is advisable to test your smoke alarms regularly, preferably every month. You can effortlessly do this by holding down the test button located on the front of the alarm. Alternatively, you can buy smoke detectors test aerosol spray guns at your local hardware. If at any point you would need to replace, repair or install additional fire safety measures at home, it is prudent that you go for a qualified electrician. They will make sure everything is in good working condition, thus giving you the peace of mind you need.

There are several types of smoke detectors you can go for in the market.  The most common ones, however, are the photo-electric alarm and the ionization smoke alarm. The photo-electric alarm makes use of alight sensor and a beam of light. An alarm will sound in the event that smoke particles affect the light amounts reaching the sensor. On the other hand, the ionization smoke alarm monitors ions, and thus the alarm will sound when the air balance is altered by the smoke.