A Step into the Riding World—the Right Way

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Are just about to step into the world of bike riding? Then you need the right information regarding riding gear. From the helmet to the boots, these accessories play a mega role in ensuring that you are safe once you hop on top of your bike and hit the highway.

The most common question that many riders ask is not about the best bike for starters, they ask about the best protective gear to use once they start riding. With that in mind, every rider needs the right information to help in making the right decisions regarding riding accessories. When you are safe on your bike, you are comfortable, and you enjoy the ride.

The reasons for having good riding gear

Higher riding speed

Usain Bolt is currently the world’s fastest person, sprinting at 27.78 mph. Imagine he falls at that speed; he would be seriously injured and even dead. On a motorbike, you can go much faster than the speed of Bolt. On the highway, you can hit the 85 mph mark. As a human being, you have body organs and parts, which cannot withstand that level of speed.


Besides, there is the issue of abrasion. Even if you go at 50 mph, you are supposed to lose a good amount of flesh when you fall off your bike. You can imagine how much flesh you can lose when you fall off at 70 mph. With that in mind, abrasion alone causes serious, life-threatening injuries.


Especially when you ride in a cold weather, you would need a protective gear to keep you at the right temperature. You need the jacket when it is hot as well, to allow for the natural cooling of your body. When you move fast through the wind, sweat produced by the body dries up faster, and this does not bring proper cooling effect. For that reason, you need a rider’s jacket (preferably summer), gloves, boots, and pants, which will cool your body as required.

Fortunately, you can find all the riding gear in the market. For instance, if you look up http://www.bikersbasics.com, you can find information on a variety of protective gear to make your riding comfortable and safe.

Nearly half of impacts to the helmets happen around the face, according to information published on rideapart.com. As a rider, you need a helmet that covers the whole face for maximum protection. In addition to shielding you from the impacts in case of an accident, full-face helmets also protect your eyes from the wind and bugs.

A good helmet can for last five years, which is why you need to know the quality of the gear you are about to purchase. You can find more about motorcycle gear by reading relevant websites and by visiting rider stores. Beyond five years, the glue used in bonding the layers begins to wear out, which affects the safety of the helmet.

It is always advisable to purchase a helmet from a reputable retailer and even after that, you need to maintain it well. Check the helmet closely after every impact to see whether it has a noticeable effect.